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Wiltshire West Scouts Membership Consultation - Jubilee Wood

Our project to buy more land at Jubilee Wood and plant 25,000 trees to help fight climate change has had to be paused, so now is a good time to consider whether we should continue with it or not and, if we do, to think about what features should be created in the new woodland. We also want to take this opportunity to get your views on what improvements are needed for the existing site at Jubilee Wood, whether we proceed with the new woodland or not.

The owners of the two fields between us and Green Lane Wood have just told us that they are in discussion with a developer for a project that will take up all the fields around Armouracre Farm, including the two that they had previously agreed in principle to sell to us. If this project fails they would still be prepared to sell to us. The owner of the other field has asked his agent to see if the Ashton Gate developer would be willing to allow us to buy the land not required for the now deferred A350 diversion. This means that we need to pause our fund-raising efforts until we have more certainty and we are taking this opportunity to survey all our members to confirm that the majority would support the project if the land does become available and, if so, what they would like to see incorporated into the design of the new woodland.

The new woodland project aims to enable each of us do something positive to fight climate change, improve air quality and save wildlife. It will increase biodiversity and help flood management as well as provide more space for outdoor activities and provide important new habitats for birds, bats and other wildlife and ensure that these neighbouring fields can never be used for anything else. More details are at

We really would like to hear what you would like to see at a much-enlarged Jubilee Wood if we can raise the money. You might like to start the thought process by using the environment section of Scout HQ’s Million Hands Programme at

and then look at the benefit to the environment of such things as trees, wildflower meadows and ponds as well as what might make the site more attractive to users.

In the next few months we hope to run some form of competition to get your thoughts in writing, as drawings or in the form of models of what features might be designed into the new woodland.

The questionnaire is divided up into 3 sections Activity, Facility and Grounds.

  • Activity: What activities do you want to be provided

  • Facility: What new facilities or improvements to what is already there would you like to see.

  • Grounds: What changes would you like to be made to the site itself, such as its entrance, car parking and boundaries

There is space at the bottom of the page if you would like to add any of your own thoughts or wishes.

Questionnaire available here: Wiltshire West Membership Consultation

Any technical issues, questions or feedback relating to the questionnaires please contact India McLean, District Communications Manager, through the contact us page (HERE) before the 30th April 2021.

All responses will be considered by the Jubilee Management Committee who will make recommendations through the District Team to the District Executive Committee

Thank you for taking part – your views and ideas really do count.

Sam Connor

District Youth Commissioner

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