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Results from Membership Consultation

Results of Jubilee Wood Member Survey

A big thank you to all those that responded to our Jubilee Wood questionnaire. The ideas for the proposed new woodland will be incorporated into the plan for the site wherever possible or feasible but, as you probably know, this project has been put on hold pending decisions by the two landowners on whether or not to sell us the land.

The suggestions for our existing site were collected together into a list of over 72 items or topics. Having taken out those ideas which were for things already available at the present site, were impracticable, or were more appropriate for leaders to provide, the Jubilee Management Committee produced the attached list of about 20 projects to be taken forward. Some of these will take some time, possibly years, to implement while we wait for the site and, more especially, the trees to mature. Although it still has to be considered by the Group Scout Leaders, the list has been agreed by the District Executive and will be implemented by the Site Management Team as their time and available resources permit.

A list of all the ideas and suggestions put forward for both the proposed new woodland and the present site are set out in the documents below, with the reasons why some of these are not being progressed.

As the Management Team does not possess the necessary knowledge or expertise, we are looking for volunteer “champions” to help design, cost and build the Sensory Trail, Bird Watching Hide and improvements to the conservation information provided in the centre. We are also looking for volunteers to design, build and maintain bird and bat boxes. Please get in touch with John Cox, Site Warden ( if you can help.

Lastly, the Camp Site Warden would be very grateful if the respondent who asked for access to the centre be improved for those with mobility issues could get in touch with him so that the problem can be better understood and appropriate remedial measures investigated.


Projects to be taken forward
Download DOCX • 16KB
Comments on New Woodland suggestions
Download DOC • 18KB
Comments on suggestions for present site
Download • 23KB

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