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District Training Update

Dates for District Training opportunities are now on the training pages for Adult Volunteers and Explorer Young Leaders. We have also update our useful links on the Adult Training page so volunteers can navigate to Getting Started, Section Leader and Manager and Support Training module information and e-learning quicker.

Registration will go live on Saturday 29th Jan. at 10AM for Adult Training Modules. (Click Here)

Explorer Young Leaders Page (Click Here)

Adult Training Dates:

  • Feb. 11th - Module 17- Running a Safe Activities

  • April 6th - Module 15 - Promoting Positive Behaviour

  • April 29th - Module 13 - Growing the Section

  • May 11th - Module 16 - Intro. to Residential Experience

  • Additional opportunities will added throughout the year

Explorer Young Leader Training Date:

Please note - Information about times and locations of Explorer Young Leader Training are sent to registered Explorer Young Leaders. Contact the District Explorer Scout Commissioner, through the Contact Us page for more information.

  • Friday 18th Feb. - Module A - Prepare for take-off (essentials and expectations)

  • Wednesday 16th March - Module A - Prepare for take-off (essentials and expectations)

  • Friday 11th March - Module F - Making Scouting accessible and inclusive

  • Friday 8th April - Module J - Communicate it!

  • Wednesday 4th May - Module E - Game On!

  • Wednesday 8th June - Module B - Taking the lead

  • Friday 8th July - Module A - Prepare for take-off (essentials and expectations)

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